Web Design Services

Blend provide a range of services that enable us to develop projects of all sizes for web and mobile.

Web Design

Blend deliver professional web design for sites of all sizes. We cater to individuals and small companies looking to create an online presence that makes an impact. From one-page brochure websites and redesigns through to database-driven sites with hundreds of pages, our designs are both creative and functional.

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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content management systems allow site owners to easily manage the content of their site. Where a site requires regularly updates, a CMS is the ideal solution to avoid ongoing costs to a web design company. Blend work with a number of CMS applications and we can offer advice on the best solution for our clients.

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E-Commerce Web Sites

Requests for e-commerce web sites have increased hugely over the last few years as more and more people look to sell their products and services online. We provide custom built solutions and fully functional online stores that allow sellers to easily manage their orders, products and customers. What’s more, it’s not as expensive as you’d think to get started!

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Web Applications

Wherever possible, Blend will look to use third party applications to minimise the costs to our clients. There are times though, where our clients require something that is unique to their business. Blend provide custom built applications and add-ons that are both efficient and secure.

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Mobile Apps

Have you got an idea for mobile app? Perhaps you want to improve the way your company connects to your customers? Well, Blend provide an affordable solution to develop native mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices using HTML5 and JavaScript.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Optimising a web site to rank highly in search engines is obviously an important factor for any website. Afterall, why have a great site if no one can find it? While Blend are by no means SEO specialists, we do offer a service by where we provide advice and guidance on basic SEO that can vastly increase search engine placement for keywords.

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Identity / Logo Design

Many of our clients already have their branding and logo in place when they approach us about a project. For those that don’t, or are perhaps looking for something new, Blend provide an identity / logo design service. Branding and identity play vital role in how a company is perceived so it’s important to get it right.

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Email Design and Marketing

Email design is often overlooked by businesses but is actually a great way to promote your company and incorporate your brand. Blend design HTML email templates that you can use with your preferred email application or with email marketing software.

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