Mobile App Development

Got an idea for an app? Blend design and build mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Apps

Mobile app development is quickly gaining popularity as businesses learn the benefits mobile computing. A mobile app is a great way for businesses to connect with their customers as it can work alongside existing web applications.

Using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and the PhoneGap framework, we create engaging, interactive mobile apps. An advantage of building apps with web technologies is that development costs are far lower than programming with Objective-C or Java. It also means that once the app is built, it can easily be adapted to work on different operating systems including iOS, Android or Windows.

iPhone Apps

Our iPhone apps are designed to work on all devices from the iPhone 3GS to the latest iPhone 5S. The apps also work well with Apple tablets and we can also develop iPad apps to work specifically on the iPad and iPad mini series. iPhone and iPad apps must be approved before they are accepted on iTunes to maintain high standards. We’ll go through your app with you to ensure it passes the review process.

Android Apps

There are many smartphones and tablets on the market today that run on the Android platform. Vendors such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola and Sony all build android-enabled devices in many different sizes. We develop Android apps that work on almost all devices and although we can’t test for every single device (there are just too many), we do ensure that the structure is adaptive to allow for the variances.

mobile app development