Email Marketing & Design

Keeping your contacts informed of your latest news and promotions can really boost sales.

Email Marketing Campaigns

While social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are an excellent way to tell your followers about your site, being able to deliver that same message to their inbox is even better. Blend can help create email marketing campaigns or newsletters that you can send to your customers or subscribers at the click of a button.

With specialised email marketing software like AWeber, MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, you can easily manage your mailing lists and campaigns. What’s more, you can see who has received and read your email.

Email HTML Templates

If you’re going to be sending out thousands of emails to customers, it’s important they look great. Blend offer a service where we design HTML templates that can be used with your preferred email client or with you email marketing software. It’s important to note that email clients such as Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo will handle HTML emails differently. We take every step to ensure your email is displayed correctly on all major email clients.

Subscription and Data Capture

If you want to take advantage of using email campaigns then you’ll need an easy way to enlist subscribers. A simple form can be created that can be added to your website that collects subscriber details. Usually, a name and email is all that is required but you can collect other details too if you wish.